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Setting up SNMP Simulator

The SNMP Simulator software is provided under terms and conditions of BSD-style license, and can be freely downloaded from Source Forge download servers or PyPI. Latest git snapshots can be downloaded from here.

To use Simulator on a Windows machine, simply download and run supplied executable to install pre-compiled binaries and demo data files. The rest of instructions is mostly applicable to other platforms.

Keep in mind that SNMP Simulator is a pure-Python application so make sure you have Python 2.4 ot later (up to 3.3) installed on your system:

$ python -V
Python 2.7.3

Once you get Python running, you could use setuptools Python package management system which would download and install snmpsim and all required packages.

$ easy_install snmpsim

Alternatively, you could install Simulator right from the source code:

$ tar zxf snmpsim-X.X.X.tar.gz
$ cd snmpsim-X.X.X
# python install
# cd ..
# rm -rf package-X.X.X

In the latter case you may need to also install all required Python packages as well. These are:

  • PyASN1, used for handling SNMP/ASN.1 objects
  • PySNMP, SNMP engine implementation:

    Optional, but recommended:

  • PyCrypto, used by SNMPv3 crypto features (Windows users installing from source need precompiled version)
  • A collection of MIBs in form of PySNMP modules, if you are planning a MIB-based simulation
  • python-libpcap, if you are planning network traffic based simulation

Demo data files and stock variation modules will be installed in a platform-dependent location. Watch installation log for exact location.

You could also put your own SNMP snapshots into your home directory ($HOME/.snmpsim/data) for Simulator to find them there. Watch Simulator output for hints.

In case of any issues, please let us know so we could try to help out.

Need help? Try snmpsim mailing lists or contact us.