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Managing data files

Simulator family of tools includes a utility which is designed to perform a few handy operations on data files.

$ -h
  SNMP Simulator data files management and repair tool.
Usage: scripts/ [--help]
  [--start-oid=] [--stop-oid=]

If you posess .snmpwalk or .sapwalk snapshots and wish to convert them into Simulator's native .snmprec data file format (what can be required for using variation modules), run datafile tool like this:

$ --input-file=linux.snmpwalk --source-record-type=snmpwalk|4|Linux cray #2 SMP Sat Apr 9 23:39:07
CDT 2011 i686|6||67|121722922|4|Root  (configure /etc/snmp/snmp.local.conf)|4|new system name|4|KK12 (edit /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf)|67|0|6||6||6|
# Records: written 3711, filtered out 0, deduplicated 0, broken 0, variated 0

Simulator requires data files to be sorted (by OID) and containing no duplicate OIDs. In case your data file does not comply with these requirements for some reason, you could pass it through the tool to fix data file:

$ --input-file=tcp-mib.snmprec --sort-records 
--ignore-broken-records --deduplicate-records|2|1|2|4|2|2|2|4
# Records: written 33, filtered out 0, deduplicated 0, broken 0, variated 0

If you have a huge data file and wish to use just a part of it for simulation purposes, tool could cut a slice form a data file and store records in a new one:

$ --input-file=tcp-mib.snmprec --start-oid=
# Records: written 5, filtered out 28, deduplicated 0, broken 0, variated 0

Merge of multiple data files into a single data file is also supported:

$ --input-file=tcp-mib.snmprec --input-file=udp-mib.snmprec
--sort-records --deduplicate-records|2|1|2|4|2|2|2|4
# Records: written 49, filtered out 0, deduplicated 0, broken 0, variated 0

Current version does not support data files conversion from its native .snmprec into other formats.

Need help? Open an issue at GitHub or ask question at Stack Overflow or try browsing snmpsim-users mailing list.